Capitalist Wishlist

This page is a list of my material desires. Judge me if you will, but I am a way better petty capitalist than you’ll ever be.

And without further ado, the list:

The album in question, from 12 Tonar

Apparat Organ Quartet’s new CD, Pólýfónía. The shipping is obscene though. CD is 23 bucks plus 14 bucks shipping to Canada…

Well actually I only really want this right now so maybe I’m actually just a better person than you. 😉

But wait, I want another few things… materialist time 😉

Russian Beauty by Victor Erofeyev

I want Russian Beauty by Victor Erofeyev. Never have I read a book with which I identify so much. Even though it’s written by  a man, Irina (the protagonist) thinks in practically the same way as I. Scary. .-. It’s cheap on abebooks but I am le broke right now. (The description on abebooks is bullshit by the way)

I bought it on abebooks along with some other stuff (4 books + shipping for 30 bucks. fuck yeah)

Unas - 4 dress by Marimekko

The Unas 4 tunic from Marimekko, but I have no idea where I’d find it in Toronto and it’s probably around 300 dollars. Le sad. But so nice for spring!




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