Ye gods I am alive I swear that was a crazy weekend

It was pretty crazy and on Saturday I thought I was going to die. I could not stop throwing up. Eventually it got to that yellow foul tasting stuff which I think comes from the gall-bladder. But I recovered after sleeping nearly the whole day, occasionally waking up to spew more yellow crap. I feel really bad about missing work.

Anyways, from aaaages ago, here is me being a superhero:

It was ages ago when this was taken. Semrah and Marlena and I were working at Varsity stadium at some crazy sale and we noticed the air blowing up from the vents were very Marilyn. Looking good right? Someone please help my self-esteem here hahahahahahaha no.

In any case I’m still not really in a state to write any more than what I have. I’m finishing my column up (edits) and going to bed. Love you all.

Em out

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