23 before 23

So, inspired by Rachel’s 26 before 26 (and 25 before 25) at Crook and Villain, I have decided to create a more low-tech version (hers is on a nice floral background but I am at work and lazy) of my own, 23 before 23, though my birthday was now 2 months ago (exactly o_O) and I haven’t done anything since then of note… sort of.

Without further ado, the list:

  1. Get into the grad school of my choice and embark upon an interesting thesis topic
  2. Get into Suomea Suomessa and spend the summer in Finland, speaking only Finnish. (2b. Visit Kimmo and Kari in Vaasa)
  3. Complete fluency in Russian.
  4. Get my G2 license
  5. Keep my space tidy.
  6. Keep track of my money in a logical manner.
  7. Learn at least one new practical, outdoors-type skill. (7 alternate, become more competent at canoeing).
  8. Finish a painting every month (8b. and post it here)
  9. Eat no packaged foods (apart from yogourt and other difficult-to-make-at-home products).
  10. Train every week at least once in any martial art.
  11. Update my blog every day with something.
  12. Update my Finnish blog every day with something.
  13. Start and update a Russian blog every day with something.
  14. Make beer, at least once before I leave Toronto.
  15. Stop buying books until I finish what I already have. (15b. Use the library more often)
  16. Look good every damned day. (16 alternative: Post outfit photos every day)
  17. Use my lunchbox every day that I go out. (17b. Post photos of my amazing lunchbox lunches)
  18. Make sushi from scratch.
  19. Make more clothes and accessories. Be more crafty.
  20. Clear out things from my life that I don’t need or that are holding me back.
  21. Take more photographs and start a portfolio page for them. (21b. A personal website)
  22. If number 1 happens, spend more time studying and hitting the books so I don’t have to pull any all-nighters. (22b. Go to bed at a reasonable time)
  23. Do something out of my comfort zone, like skydiving or camping or painting with oils.

So that’s it. My 23 goals before I am 23. I hope I can manage all of them. Tomorrow I’ll make a visual list. 🙂

Em out

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7 Responses to 23 before 23

  1. You are too sweet. Your list is quite adventurous! (far more than mine ever have been, anyway!)

  2. the list idea is awesome! cant wait to see u post about all of this!

  3. Great list Emily – Miranda says number 5 is a must! She still loves you 🙂

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