So much for that

Posting every day is pretty difficult! 🙂

I love this new(ish) Rubberbandits song.

I wanna kiss you loads of times and hold your fucking hand

Tee hee hee. So sensitive ;D

I’ve been practicing canoe and just sort of faffing about. I’m going to Kingston on Monday and have to buy a ticket for it. Not sure whether to take the train or not but my parents suggest it. My brother is back from South Africa for a while so I want to see him, obviously.

I haven’t been playing very much DS at all, but this GIF reminded me I still haven’t finished pokemon black. <_<

I went to Pride on Sunday and saw most of the parade with Kimmo and Kari and then we met Sandeep and Gagan later with another friend of theirs (sorry, i am terrible with names <_<).


Also I really love the most famous picture of Toronto Pride, the one of the policeman having fun. It makes me feel less afraid of them and maybe that they aren’t all… scary as hell?

from Torstar group

Anyways I’m going to get on working. I have to finish my hours for one of them so I can finally get paid. Backpay is effing sweet.
Russian word of the day:

зависть, zavist’, envy

Verbal form:

завидовать + dative, zavidovat’, to envy

Он завидует моей отметке

On zaviduet moyei otmetke.

He envies my mark (i.e. grade in school).

I’ve decided on a new form of Russian Word of the Day that expands on a verb or a noun to include another related word plus highlighting the case endings as well.

love you all,

Em out


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