Well, that went well…

So much for posting every day <_<

I’ve been crazy busy working (and eventually getting paid which is a motif running through all of my posts it seems… le sigh)

STEAM SALE is on ❤ <3. So far I’ve gotten Oblivion GOTY edition (didn’t that come out in like, 2005?) and Just Cause 2 + a little tiny DLC for it.

2006, actually

I played Just Cause 2 at Chris and Michelle’s house on their PS3 and it was amazing. Really good fun. I hope it’s as good on PC but seriously, it was only five bucks .-. Steam sales make me cheap, yo.


I don’t reaaaally have much else to write about apart from making an amazing chocolate cake with ganache icing om om om. Ganache is pretty easy to make and effing delicious.

Recipe time ❤ ❤ <3:

Ganache Icing

250ml cream

60g butter

2 tbsp sugar

450g fine chocolate

2 tbsp golden syrup (Lyle’s represent yo)

So start by putting the cream and sugar and syrup in a bowl to double boil it (make sure it is a glass bowl that can be put over heat). The principle is that there is a pot underneath the bowl with boiling water and it melts everything deliciously. So make sure your bowl fits over your pot.

Lightly heat the cream until the sugar and syrup are dissolved and then put in the chocolate and butter, stirring constantly until it is all melted. This is not something you can leave, you have to watch it or it will burn. Also keep the heat down you maniac because it will scald the cream/burn the chocolate.

Remove from heat and cool. It can be frozen for a few months or kept in the fridge for a few days.

Om nom noms

Anyways time to get back to work

❤ Em out and I promise I’ll post more soon

Russian word of the day: прочитать/Prochitat’/to read through


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