I blog like the tide, apparently, in ebbs and flows. WHOOOOOOOOOSH. That’s deep, man.

Today I’m going to write about the 19th century. Because I can.

London street in the 1800s, British Library
Another London Street, British Library

I love these kinds of streets… even though they’d probably be crap to live in. I want to live in the 21st century idealised version of the 19th, like how Professor Layton lives:

Also there’s a Professor Layton-Phoenix Wright crossover I really want >_> I hope they release it here.

I wonder if a new Phoenix Wright will come out soon…

Anyways, things I like time because I’ve become distracted..

Elizabeth Drexel, Manhattan socialite (from Wikimedia Commons, in public domain)

I want to dress like that! Or have a portrait done <_< Well Kate is painting me at some point. >_>

Also I love the expression “La Belle Époque“. I’m going to need to adopt it. I know it refers to a particular period but damn it it sounds pretty.

I’m a little tired and have to go up to make a presentation to some Finns so <_<

Em out

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