I have had practically no time to write in my blog and I feel really super guilty because I promised to update every day and faithfully and god damn it I failed hardcore.

I’ve had a difficult time with one of my group projects and I only have one week left of school. Then I need to find a job. This terrifies me. I’ve interviewed at one and it went pretty well but I don’t know when or if I’ll hear back.

But I feel so good blogging again.  Also I updated my wishlist everyone 😉

This video basically made my whole month. I love cats. I need my own personal cat in my room <_< I miss Brutus so much. And my parents are away so I can’t go home to see him really… Sadness

;-; Anguish

I have found an art piece I want to buy, in other news. Not as if I can afford it at a solid thousand and a half quids (unnecessary plurals are awesome). There’s a video of its creation here. I like the idea of her  (Millie Brown) vomiting coloured milk onto a canvas with the background of classical singers. It’s just perfect. I love the colours.

Nexus Vomitus - Millie Brown, the piece in question, from Show Studio

I also found this cool website that documents old theatres, After the Final Curtain.

After the Final Curtain, Lowes Kings Theatre
After the Final Curtain, Orpheum

One of my new favourite models, Andrej Pejic has a tumblr dedicated to him now. It’s pretty rad. I like this gif:

It’s kind of scary to think that he’s younger than me o_O

Anyways, I guess I should go to bed and leave you with the RUSSIAN WORD OF THE DAY!



are the Russian words of the day.




They both mean `fox cub`

From National Geographic, taken by Joel Sartore

I must admit that I was inspired by the National Geographic article recently on domesticating foxes. I want one <_<

Here’s a sentence:

Этот лисёнок – молодой и милый.

Эта лисёнка – молодая и милая.


Etot lisyonok – molodoi i miliy.

Eta lisyonka – molodaya i milaya


This fox cub is young and cute. (both sentences mean the same thing, just different gender).


Anyways, good night or good morning!

Em out!


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