In which Em finally posts something longer than a sentence

Hello all! Now that I’m not piled up with a bunch of crap, I can actually write something interesting (like that ever happens…)!


This picture makes me want to do two things. One, I want to work at a café and write and draw boards like this and two I want to reread or rewatch Watchmen (shockingly, I preferred the film in terms of plot, though I really like the symmetrical pages in that one issue…). I also have the director’s cut, which I picked up for 5 dollars at a Queen W sidewalk sale from Queen Video (radical!).

Then again tonight I really fancied rewatching Night Watch to improve my Russian. I really like that book series as well. It’s not the best in writing (though I haven’t read anything but the first volume in Russian, the rest I read in English), but it really clings onto one.

Since I’m not able to watch the trailer here at work, I don’t know if it’s dubbed, but I hope not. <_< The director also made a sequel and that movie Wanted (which is so bad it’s actually pretty good). Also in Wanted is Konstantin Khabensky, who I think is a really good actor.

I’ve been reading many articles online of The Economist, and this one on the British Police and their armedness (in most cases, not) is really fascinating. In particular I like this ideal of the British Police:

But it is mainly because the policing tradition is rooted in 19th-century Peelian principles: the police are not supposed to impose order on an unwilling populace, but to operate with the consent of the community. The display and use of force is meant to be minimal.

It obviously isn’t always true, but I really like the ideal. Like the (illegal) horse charges in December last year during the student protests:

In other news, we had Maslenitsa and it went well.

This well

Many outdoor games and snowball fights were had and we went inside to have some bliniy. I had a performance with Merey and my RSA Dance Ensemble colleagues and everyone complimented it. Someone posted a video somewhere, so I’ll post it once I find it 🙂

After, we went to the bar, where I played Mafia for the first time.  It’s really fun, so I want to go next time Vanya organises it. Many people began to leave so I came along.. Vanya and some others (Pasha, Lyosha, Anton, and Oleg) were going to a movie, so I went along. It’s nice to go to movies with friends. We first had pizza and I was introduced to the wonder of garlic sauce .-.

The movie we saw was Hall Pass, and I didn’t really like it. The humour was vulgar and the plot and characters forgettable. But I’d see any movie if I were going with friends ^^.

You can even really tell by the trailer, but I thought it was a high school comedy when they said the title. I am maybe a little behind the times <_<

I really want to see the Mechanic with Jason Statham and Black Swan but the Mechanic is showing in Concord and Mississauga (whateverrr). But Black Swan is still showing. Anyone up for it?

Brutus approaches again, so cute

I was at my parents’ on reading week and all I did was play with/take photos of the cats and sleep. It was awesome.

He eventually tired of the attention

Anyways… That’s all I really have to say for today.

Em out

PS: To restart RWOD:

писатель, pisatel’, writer.

In honour of Stalker, a movie which has embedded itself deep in my mind. That character struck me strongly.

Watch it, if you have 2 and a half hours to kill. Well, watch it anyways!

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