Lazy Monday

It’s Monday! But it’s Family Day and it’s Reading Week. So I’m going to look through my backlog of things I like to post today.

This video encapsulates every reason why I like to sit at the front of the train when I’m on the subway. I love the view of the tunnels. I like to imagine things about them. It’s amazing. ❤ Also the guy who made this video uses a jazz version of a Phoenix Wright track (it’s a cool trial-based law video game) which is one of my favourite jazz songs. I really like how he timed it perfectly with the video.

I saw this one on spacing ages ago but never got around to posting. I love this photography/video style but I’m not sure what it’s called. Anyone? Anyone? I’d also love to find a tutorial of how to shoot it. <_<
I have found a new photoblog by a Japanese woman, Natsumi Hayashi called Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary. I am in love with her levitation shots. Here are some of my favourites:


Floating over the bar

Waiting for a train

Leaving into hiding

What I really like about her photo series is its fantastical element. One stops thinking that it is merely a woman jumping but someone floating through life. Maybe she’s alienated… but aren’t we all alienated from one another, in a manner of speaking? We’re all so wonderfully different from one another but it often leads to misunderstandings… But it’s amazing to be a living, breathing being. That’s how her photos make me feel.

This woman, Evelyn McHale, jumped off of the Empire State Building. I like how she looks so calm and almost asleep… The photo ran in LIFE magazine, though I found this cleaned up copy here.

I want a nice, clean modern house like this but maybe leaning more back into mid century modern and with a little more colour. I want a bookshelf full of books with a neglected-looking hifi in the corner. Aaaa, but most of all, I want a bedroom like this:

Even though I prefer to sleep on a bed with a frame, I love the idea of having a little cozy space surrounded by books (with a thoughtful reading light!) and a big window (though I’d need to get curtains <_<). These two photos are from a house in Belgium designed by Vanden Eeckhoudt-Creyf Architectes. So cool ._.

Anyways my intellectual thought has been essentially exhausted on this post so I’m going to go back to playing Pokémon Heart Gold and playing with the cats at my parents’ house.

Em out




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