On Friday I went to the video release show for the Delinquints‘ song Holidays. It is one of my favourite Delinquints songs, though of course, my absolute favourite is Go Van Gogh 🙂

This video is a little old but it shows how good their live show is! You can hear a lot of their songs on their myspace page.

This Friday they played at Lee’s Palace with Midnight Malice, Skullians, You Handsome Devil and Bourbon DK. I arrived sort of early (9:30ish), since I had nothing to do at home and received a cute little package with a Delinquints sticker and lighter. Hurraa!

I’ve never actually been to Lee’s Palace before so I took the opportunity to wander around and explore a bit (which took about two seconds). It’s a nice venue, I really like the high ceilings and the structure around the dance floor/pit. I do like how the floor is separate from other areas, so people who don’t want to be caught in the mosh pit can separate themselves. The bar staff was really friendly and helpful.

Bourbon DK, from their myspace page

Bourbon DK came on and played really well; I especially liked their song “Hometown”. Coincidentally, my dear friend Skye was there too and SMSed me “ARE YOU IN LEE’S PALACE RIGHT NOW?” and I was very excited to meet him, his sister Sahira, and Natasha, his girlfriend. We had a good time dancing while the moshing was minimal.

The order now becomes a little fuzzy in my head, but I think after Bourbon DK was Skullians (their promo video above), and I really enjoyed them, they had a nice sound about and mellowed me out (for some reason haha). After Skullians, was You Handsome Devil, who I really, really enjoyed. It was mentioned that they have a CD coming out next month and I’ll definitely try to pick it up at some point. Their stage presence was really strong and I couldn’t draw myself away from their playing. It was perfect! ❤

An old show poster which I liked, from the You Handsome Devil myspace

After You Handsome Devil, I think Midnight Malice played (like I said, the order has become fuzzy in my head for some reason or other). I’m not a huge fan of hair metal but they put on a solid, consistent performance.

From the Delinquints myspace

And finally! It was time for the music video premiere. My friends and I all gathered together excitedly and we watched one of my new favourite videos (it’s at the top of this post ^^ ). I really liked the changes between settings. I was sad to have missed the shoot earlier this year. Maybe one day I’ll be able to go to the next one :)!

From a recent show (not at Lee's Palace), sneakily taken from their Facebook page

And then, as soon as the video had finished, the Delinquints took to the stage. I love, love, love their live show. It makes me feel energetic and happy and I love to dance to it. Even at home I sometimes put on their album (which you, dear reader, should definitely pick up) and dance around my room to it. There’s something so uplifting about their songs and stage presence. I really like how Jimy Delinquint’s voice floats over the musical track; it never sounds strained. The whole package is perfect.
I certainly hope that they’ll play again soon. I’ll be there, as always, front centre and singing along (and getting super bruised in the process! I’m still sore ^^).

Em out

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