Hoof Café Adventures

So I started off the morning looking at the sky and how perfect it was for taking photos!

I passed these old Valentine’s Day roses and they just looked so pretty beside the road salt bags. I love bright colours!

I love streetcar lines. They’re just so… obstructing? Haha

These three fellows saw me taking photos and insisted I photograph them. Also they said I was professional because I was carrying a Canon. They look like the best of friends! 🙂

I saw this old poster on a wall on Queen Street and it struck me. It just stands out and this woman was staring me down ;-;

I wonder if she’s a messy dentist?

The coolest bloody mailbox ever. EVER.

I met my dear friend Elias at Hoof Café in order to eat sooo much pork. More pork than you could ever imagine.

The interior is really nice and light and the chairs comfortable despite being metal.

I really love this wallpaper design. It’s adorable (and super twee <_<)…


Pork Belly Pastrami ($4). It was quite literally the best bacon-esque thing I’ve ever eaten, though I’ve never had pastrami before in my life. Elias told me that he likes the one at Enoteca Sociale better. Pork scale: 8/10

We added a “bone” ($8). It was amazing. I don’t think I can go a week without eating marrow again. I’m going to have to buy bone and make it myself. This appetiser was a perfect mixture of  fatty bone marrow (with its subtle flavouring), the crusty bread (I think there was something else in it that made it moist on the inside and amazingly crisp on the outside…) and the topping of the coarse salt. The coarse salt just absorbed into the marrow perfectly and I seriously could have just eaten this and been happy. Pork rating: 10/10

Elias agrees with my assessment.

All gone 😦

Elias had the Brioche French Toast with Foie Gras for his main ($27 with foie gras, $12 without). I got to try some and while it isn’t the best foie gras I’ve ever had, the mix of flavour and texture was amazing. I think I may just come here for the French toast. Pork rating: 8/10.

I had the Tongue Grilled Cheese ($12). It was really good, though for me the thickness was killer. I’d have rather had four quarters with the meat divided amongst them rather than two halves. I managed one half before Elias finished it for me. The bread was impregnated with butter or lard, which I’m more likely to believe as it almost tasted of fried bread, which you make in bacon grease or lard. There were two cheeses on either side of the meat which ensured the meat wouldn’t be very dry, and there were sprigs of dill (which I don’t usually like, but this time it was good) spread between the thin tongue slices. All in all, I liked it, but for breakfast will probably choose something else next time. Pork rating: 7/10

Since we arrived before 11, we couldn’t have mimosas ($5) until then. Which we did, even though we’d already eaten all the food. They were amazing, mostly because of the freshly squeezed pulpy orange juice in them. ❤

I would definitely go back to the Hoof Café, though its existence is up in the air with Black Hoof’s closing/reopening on February 28th.

Tomorrow I’m going to post about the Delinquints’ video release show which I went to last night.

Love you all,

In pork we trust,

Em out

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2 Responses to Hoof Café Adventures

  1. El says:

    The pork belly at enoteca is made into a proper dish. This one is just like a side. Both are awesome, and for 4 bucks this one is e better bang for your buck compared with 35 at enoteca 😀

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