Tuesdays have always been really busy.

But I finally finished my ethics review proposal!

Finally. Now I have to turn the form into something workable but I’m taking a blog-break since I haven’t posted to you guys for a little while and feel bad.


This image is like the story of my life. Everyone is crowded together to go on the escalator and I cleverly take the stairs. Alone. ;-; I have lately felt a little lonely, a little bitter and I’m not really certain as to where it comes from. I feel a little like I’ve melted and that I’m sort of melted over everything. I know what I have to do. I have to be stronger and better. And I will do it! The only person who can change things about your life is you.

Wow that was a bit deep << Maybe I should talk more about nail varnish? I’m going to put Particulière on now I think. I had yellow for bright happiness in winter, then grey because I was feeling down but I peeled it all off so back to winter mutedness. Though to be honest, I’m in love with Particulière.

Particulière! on my wool blanket ❤

Also that photo was taken on the wool blanket I bought in Iceland. It keeps me nice and warm at night and I think it will stay with me forever unlike all of my failures ;D

I’m really into camomile tea right now. I can’t get enough ._. I want to start growing it so I can just make my own.

Franz Eugen Köhler's 1887 illustration

Anyways! Back to work! I’ll leave with a little upbeat song ^^

Em out!

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