Salmiakki and other delights

From Wikimedia Commons (public domain)

Salmiakki. I crave it. I don’t know why. The texture, the firmness and resistance and maybe also the saltiness (but it isn’t exactly saltiness)… I crave a lot of things, so today I’m going to write about my cravings.

I crave a lot lately for some reason kissing. I want to kiss someone damn it, I don’t care if there’s any feeling behind it, it’s just the sensation of the thing…

From the first volume of "Othello"

I crave summertime, swimming and lying in the sun on the beach at the islands…

Or even canoeing..

I crave a house full of adorabley patterned cups and plates, maybe from Marimekko or some other design company… or potter.

My own cute Marimekko mug (housewarming gift from mum) and Kai Eichenbaum (local potter) leaf plate.

I crave Marmite now because of the coaster in the photo above… savoury mmm.

I crave too many things to even write about… It’s ridiculous. I should get back to school-work anyways <_<

PS: 47 of you visited yesterday! O_O Who are you? <_<

Em out

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