I have been incredibly lazy.

Pictured: One lazy motherfucker’s self portrait (with a good chum)

First week of school has gone well, thus far, but I fear that I will fall behind. My motivation is slipping. I just want to be done, damn it!

Finnish is going well. I hope to get to study abroad with it. Would be nice ❤ My course on geographic information might be boring (so many readings) but thus far seems interesting… Russian is the same as usual. EIA seems like it could go either way, depending on which group I end up in. GIS group project better bloody go well because I am the leader. <_< Thesis doom.

I have to apply to grad schools but I want to defer a year. But I have no motivation. I just want to sleepppp!

I don’t really have anything interesting to talk about, I’ve been at work a little while and am très bored. I read a few books this week… I have been playing Mass Effect 2 and it’s really good fun. I am female-Shepard. I like the action element in it. My friend told me the controls for the first one are different so I’m not sure if I’ll play it or not. I’m trying for a neutral character (i.e. 1/2 paragon, 1/2 renegade). I’ll screenshot later my Shepard (when I’m at home).

I’ve been going out and taking lots of photos (I will post them when I’m home) as well. I really love photography! It has so much feeling… I saw this photo on reddit and I really want to replicate it ❤

From reddit:


But my building is not high enough to do it!

I really liked this video… reminds me of childhood. I think I’ll try to finish Twilight Princess (and maybe Ocarina and Majora’s Mask) this winter.

Dance rehearsal tonight. Zzzz. Then gym. Then homework. Then bed.

Boring life!

Em out


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