It’s so hot up here

Work… so hot.. send help ;-;

So it’s the new year! Happy new year everyone! I haven’t written because I’ve been partying or sleeping or cleaning my flat. My flat is so clean and I now have a living room hurra

I got a lot of cool things for Christmas and I’ll maybe take some pictures when I get home… with my new camera which I bought on Boxing Day <3. I got a Canon Rebel EOS T1i with an 18-55mm lens. Very cute. ❤


Tree! I forgot to show you the tree pictures so here’s one.. but it’s from my old Lumix
This is the first picture I took with my new camera

Artie has become a lot more friendly as of late ❤ He is so cute and he goes mrrrrrwww and rolls into a little curve so you can pet him. Adorable. I have a photo of it on my camera but I forgot the software at my parents’! I’ll post it soon!


Viking, one of my favourite new ornaments. Dad and I bought him in Iceland

I had fun decorating the tree with my mum and Michelle (my brother’s girlfriend).


An ‘arty’ shot ;D



I love this cat. He’s sooo cute. He’s my favourite (sorry Artie!) but he’s kind of… stupid? You’ll say his name and he’ll just look at you like O,O …

Bruts! ❤ So cute so cute

I don’t care if his fur is all over my clothes haha goddd I love just playing with him because he’s like a huuuuge lump of cat!

Anyways so how about those New Year’s Resolutions!

I wrote mine earlier…

  1. Write everyday on my blog; a short story; in my Finnish and Russian journals
  2. 10k every day!
  3. Practice my German
  4. Cook more with exciting and healthy foods
  5. Budget with Excel rather than in my head
  6. Start doing yoga again

I think they’re realistic and manageable goals. I also kind of want to play more video games <_< I bought some on Steam and I now have a bigger TV that’s more conducive to PS3/Wii gameage.. hurray!

Anyways I’m boiling to death up here so I’m going to go wither in peace.

I'm the flower on the left... Wilting. (From Wikimedia Commons)

Em out!

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