Cheerful cleaning

Title: National bolshevists and the fairy godmother
It’s pretty funny 🙂 I am just taking a little break from cleaning house and doing chores here at mum’s. I’m waiting for the Steam sale to roll over because none of day 2’s deals interest me that much (well, the Witcher, but I don’t have time for a massive RPG…).

Right now all I want is baumkuchen:

Baumkuchen from Café Reinhard in Köln. 4 euro but worth every bloody penny.

I found out you can get it here in Toronto from Eitelbach, but they only seem to have chocolate covered ones… Also this kind of cake is hard to make because you need to (for the layers) rotate the batter on a heated spit of some sort.


Anyways! Back to cleaning!

Em out! ❤

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