Oh my god post-exam laziness

I swore to myself I’d post every day and I’ve just been lazyyyyy (and helping mum)

I found some of my old manga when I was tidying my room and realise that I am still in love with it

Honey and Clover by Chica Umino. So goood!

My collage for Honey and Clover!

I love love love love the art style. I scanned these from Volumes 7 and 3 from the Viz edition and cobbled it together in photoshop. ❤ I just love how expressive the lines are and I want to screaaaam it’s so good!
Anyways I’m going to pass out playing Professor Layton now because I am lazy. More tomorrow, hopefully.


Love you all,


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2 Responses to Oh my god post-exam laziness

  1. Cian Joyce says:

    Hey emingtonemsworthy,

    My names Cian, Doin a thesis on Ghost Estates in Galway City. I read your 2 blogs touching on ghost estates. I liked your view that it was true capitalism… buy new, throw it away, buy new and on. Also your views on why they may not be used for social housing.
    Just briefly, and not to be burnin too much of your time… from your studies of Urban, Economic and Social Geography and GIS at U of T!!, could you possibly share some more views on Irelands ghost estate problem?… views of a possible solutions to the problem, opinions, etc.

    Im happy I came accross your blogs, theyre interesting,

    • Hi Cian,

      Sorry it took me a while to reply, I’ve been dreadfully busy with exams. In terms of my opinion on ghost estates, it’s pretty clear from my post here. I think the problem will eventually resolve itself, either through government action (though I’m unfamiliar with Ireland’s governmental structure) or through a renewed need for housing. There have been some interesting (More recent) articles written by various news sources:


      I think that also when we consider ghost estates we should consider that there’s also incomplete housing involved and also some people do live on the estates… if you’re writing your thesis on them, you may consider getting ethics to interview some of the people on the estates.


      There’s some interesting insight on the razing idea in this article (I think half built ones should be razed, myself, the materials salvaged and used elsewhere).

      I think this view:

      “My own view has always been that the overhang should be purchased by local authorities to get rid of housing lists and the waiting lists. That would do a number of things. It would get rid of the housing list and it would generate activity in the housing sector.”

      is naive, like I mentioned earlier in that post. It would be a political nightmare.


      This article is really interesting because it brings up the legislative aspect of it:

      If invoked, the Derelict Sites Act of 1990 provides another local authority headache. Section 10 states: “It shall be the duty of a local authority to take all reasonable steps (including the exercise of any appropriate statutory powers) to ensure that any land situate in their functional area does not become or continue to be a derelict site.” These could be expensive steps indeed if no other responsible person can be found.

      http://thestory.ie/2010/04/30/ghost-estates-in-ireland-2/ There’s a BBC video here that’s a good watch


      This article discusses more the people who have bought in and who are stuck.

      Like I mentioned earlier, you should maybe try to focus on the people who live in them.

      Regards, and thanks for reading (sorry for the late reply)


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