I’m back

Hello my dear friends,

I am back to blogging again after the craziest exam/paper season in recent memory! And there are so many things I want to write about!
But I just don’t know where to start … so life recap maybe?

I cheered for our volleyball team who won the finals! Hurra!

Cheerleader number 1

I spent a shitload of time in Robarts. I use a bad word here because seriously, it was a lot. Sometimes I didn’t go home until 5 or 6 but I had my study buddy Kirsten and we totes got sushi om om om I want sushi for lunch today ;-;


We had guitar night at some point in between all of this but I don’t have any photos to share from it. It went really well, we have loads of talented people 🙂 We have another one on the 23rd, check it out on Facebook ^^

Staff Christmas Party for work at Andy Poolhall! As usual the food was mediocre but I got drunk enough that it didn’t matter and ate a lot of random bits of lettuce off of people’s plates. Though the hummus was really good. ^^

Fashion time: Dress (H&M), Necklace (no idea, can’t remember anything other than buying it in Germany), belt (H&M). H&Med out hahahaha

We also had Matthew’s goodbye/birthday party and I will miss him terribly! TERRIBLY! ;_;

Imma miss him sooo hard ;_________;

Robin, Aidan and I. My outfit: Scarf (red pioneer style, custom made), dress (Bench), belt (H&M, the same as in the holiday party one)

Also I am in love with that dress! It’s actually a bit too big but I’ve discovered with a clever belt you can wear massive clothes and it looks amaziiiing. My mum bought a dress in America (she’s around a 14-18, depending on brand, whereas I’m between a 0-4, depending on brand) and I threw it on with a belt and it looked brill. I might take pics with it when I’m at mum’s and dad’s.

We went skating last night and that was très fun. I love skating, but after we went to a crap bar that was too expensive (Yonge and Queen’s Quay, name was something like Harbour Grille?). My pint of Stella cost me (with added gratuity, reasonable since we were in a huge group) 10.50! Jeeeeeesus. It wasn’t even a cool, hip place yo. It was lame. And I was at the end of the table, which I hate.

Anyways, let’s talk about why I wasn’t here… I had a cartography project that ate my time like a mofo (maybe I’ll scan/show it, but the problem is with saving it as PDF and attaching it is that the colours eff up and my chart disappears.. I even have it in CMYK but I just don’t know what’s wrong…) Also I really like this explanation of it as a subtractive (and superior for print) colour system:

Photo of a house at the base of mountains (wikipedia entry on CMYK)

And then they demonstrate its separation in two ways, one with and one without black ink:

Without black (from wikipedia entry on CMYK)

And with black... notice the difference, especially in yellow. the lines are more clear..

I just like colours <_< To be honest there are better colour systems, especially for light colours, but this is one of three that you can use in ArcGIS (RGB, CMYK and HSV)… HSV is ok but slightly counter-intuitive when making colours… I find it useful to adjust them, though.

So my cartography project was a huge atlas plate of the PATH system and it took like 40 hours and I wanted to die. I also wrote several essays. Ugh! I had my Russian oral and my Finnish oral.. I did well on both; I had also an exam in each and I think I did better overall in Finnish.

Anyways, not much else to write about…


Em out.

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