I feel pretty lazy today. I was at my parents’. Well I still am. I take baths. I read. It’s nice. Just doing eff all when I should totally be doing research (TOMORROW I AM DOOMED).

I finished Sourcery by Terry Pratchett. I like his books. I really do. I find them hilarious and brilliant but I feel like if I tried to take them all in one go I’d probably throw up. Like eating too many sweets. But yeah, all in all I like his Discworld series.

There is a cat on my arms. chewing on a pen. with remarkable dexterity.he is adorable. PURRRRRERERRRR i will have orangey fur all over my clothes tomorrow ;-;

I’ve been obsessively playing my copy of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

I know it sounds stupid but solving puzzles is amazing. I wish in everyday life in order to proceed I had to solve puzzles…

Also today I finally bought a small pot/pan. It’s yellow with white ceramicy inside ❤

Em out for BATHTIME <_<


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