Mais mademoiselle, vous ne pouvez pas manger mon chapeau

So this one is gonna be kind of long again. I apologise in advance.

Behold the semi-return of RWOD (Russian word of the day):

До свиданья, друг мой, до свиданья. Милый мой, ты у меня в груди. Предназначенное расставанье Обещает встречу впереди.

До свиданья, друг мой, без руки, без слова, Не грусти и не печаль бровей,- В этой жизни умирать не ново, Но и жить, конечно, не новей.

This poem is by Esenin (Spelled sometimes Yesenin), one of the greatest poets of the early 20th century in Russia. It’s the last poem he wrote, just before he killed himself.

Esenin, in 1914, from

Transliteration (phonetic):

Da svidanya, drug moi, da svidanya, miliy moi, tiy u menya v grudi. Prednaznachennoye rasstavan’e obeshchaem vstrechu vperedu.

Da svidanya, drug moi, bez ruki, bez slova, ne grusti i ne pechal’ brovei, – V etoi zhizni umirat’ ne novo, No i zhit’, kaneshna, ne novei

Drawing of Esenin, from

It’s said he wrote the poem in his own blood before he hung himself. Translatation:

Goodbye, my friend, goodbye, my dear, you are in my heart(breast), It was preordained that we part, a meeting ahead

Goodbye, my friend, without handshakes (hands), without words, Do not be sad, no sorrowful eyebrows –  there’s nothing new in dying, but in life, of course, is no newer

I apologise for my possibly garbled translation <_<

You can read more of his works in this very cool bilingual facing text version from is pretty amazing! You can find all sorts of writings on it.

Today I went and ate at Trinity College’s Dining Hall. Mediocre food but you can eat as much as you want ._. om om om om om om om ❤

Anyways, I posted at the beginning of summer about my goals.

Here they are. With comments starting in bold below

  • Get my G2… though I suppose I should learn how to drive first, no? I mean I do have a G1 and everything… Someone! Take me out driving! I need to learnnn!

Yeah… that didn’t really get done. <_< But Ilya might teach me to drive.

  • Do some more thesis research. I’m being lazy because I have September 2010-April 2011 to do it but but but I should prepare

I did it! I’m just finishing the lit review now <_< I swear to god it’ll be done by the end of the day.

  • Tone my hamstrings! They’re so… wobbly :( And maybe get awesome triceps while I’m at it, but they’re not really that bad.

Sort of done. My hamstrings are more toned and muscley but my glutes! AUGH. Arms are… decent. (hear an icy tone here)

  • From that, I want to improve my boxing form.

My form is improving every day I practice. I think I’ve got weaving down ❤

  • Go camping for the first time ever. And not die.

Not complete. I thought about it but there was no one to go with. Though I did participate in the below kind of camping a little this year. Though I feel a little guilty..

  • Get the documents <_<

Documents obtained

  • Have a successful visit to Iceland. I hope to meet a lot of interesting people ^^

Visit successful and fun and I loved it. ❤ I didn’t really meet a lot of people in the way I wanted but I loved spending time with my father.

Yeah there was also an erupting volcano there. The light dots in the photo are ashfall

  • Finish some more poems and at least another short story

Finished a few little poems but nothing worth writing home about. Continued work on my longer fantastical story and started a little on a “real life” story. Many very small bite-sized stories like this post done.

  • Start on that book…

See above

  • Discover a new genre of literature

Soviet Science Fiction. I love the Strugatskys!

  • Finish some goddamned paintings!

Ummm… Yeah.. I didn’t really. One. Maybe. Two if you count it…

  • Get a second job for summer, preferably for nights, but early mornings would be ok… who am I kidding, I’d die… -_-

Nope.. well I got a summer job but it’s over now. I need money ;-;

  • A sense of direction (not geographic, since mine is amazing) in my life.

Not really. I’m flying blindly.

Now for new goals!

  1. Get that bloody G2.
  2. Do more yoga
  3. Finish my thesis
  4. From that, finish that book
  5. Get a real job after uni to save for grad school…
  6. Apply for grad schools
  7. Get more amazing abs.
  8. Go somewhere interesting next summer
  9. Fall in love… with someone or something. Something to feel about, you know?
  10. Get up and go to bed at reasonable times (12am-8pm preferably).

Number 10 is totally anticlimactic. Whatever.

Em out.

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6 Responses to Mais mademoiselle, vous ne pouvez pas manger mon chapeau

  1. Abelle says:

    You want to go camping eh.. hehehehe >:3

  2. Chris says:

    Come to rothbury next summer. Its camping AND something awesome for the summer.

  3. i love ur new goals LOL! ❤ i wanna find someone to love too ;_; adventure time!

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