Hello my dear friends!

You know how there’s a book that strongly affects you?

I just spent half the morning reading David Nicholls’ One Day and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. I really enjoy the form and I sympathise with the characters. The premise is that each chapter is July 15, from 1988 onwards twenty years.  I’m not quite sure entirely how I feel about it but there are passages that make one feel strongly. It makes me wonder what kind of person I’ll turn out to be.

One Day, David Nicholls

But anyways… I bought this book back in May from amazon UK so I could get free shipping to my nan’s. And I didn’t start reading it until this week. There are many books I’ve had like that. Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was obtained in similar circumstances (for free with the national post) and unread until I needed something different to read. I love reading.

All in all today I feel rather… sluggish.

Like not leaving bed. But I have rehersal damn it. I’m finally uploading my own birthday pictures so maybe I’ll add some to this post. Don’t hold your breath.




That’s literally the only useable shot of me.

I went with Jools and Natasha and some chums to Velvet on Friday. We also played pool


And then I stood like this

Yesterday I went to the free European Film Festival at the Royal and saw two Estonian films.

I saw the short film “The Confession” and “Disco and Atomic War” which was a documentary in a manner of speaking but it was very well done.


Actually I spent the rest of the time between writing that and this finishing One Day. Verdict: Better without the epilogue.

Em out

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