Und wie ist das Wetter?

And how is the weather?”

So continuing my stream of consciousness.

I’ve been reading so much Solzhenitsyn lately. He really warms on one. I have a lot to get through for my essay <_< *due Friday but I can easily get an extension*

Tonight I have two things to do but I’m not really certain anymore if I want to do both. I woke up this morning realising I’d have to decide between one or the other. Zombie vs. high class club haha well I could do both but I don’t wanna pay cover twice.

Yesterday I went running and ran much farther than I expected. I ran 12k o-O in an hour o_OOOO I was so sore after and then I went to meet Kirill, Ilya and Dennis. We drank and wandered aimlessly, then went to the flat to chat and pass out.

I went home and was so cold. I don’t understand why, I’ve never been particularly susceptible to cold. I am skinnier though… side-effect of losing weight? hummm

I have a particular urge to play Animal Crossing. I remember how badly I wanted it when the Gamecube first came out. I was pretty obnoxious about it but that’s what I got for my birthday that year and became instantly addicted.


from Sarcastic Gamer

I think it was the best of the three (the Gamecube one). I liked Wild World since it was portable, just I haven’t played a lot of the Wii one (City Folk).


I think once I tidy and arrange my flat proper-like I’m going to play more games… I just don’t have the time really at the moment and my couch is super ugly and I hate it 😦

I really want the new Professor Layton!

I am in love with this series. I love the art style, the music, everything.


From "Professor Layton and the Curious Village" (ign)

Luke and Layton (wired.com)


My birthday is coming soon so I’m going to ask for it from mum ❤

I have no idea what to do for my birthday but the H+M Lanvin collaboration is coming out on the 13th (correction, 23rd. Someone’s skipping tourism class) so I’m going to blow all my money on wildly impractical dresses and so forth:

Preview pic 1 (Vogue UK)

Preview pic 2 (Refinery29)

Want the dress on the far left <_<

Whatever fashion obsession



em out


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