As most of you (all ~10 of you/day, anyway, I have no idea who you are but I really love you ;D) know, observing people is a hobby of mine! I like watching you ._. youuu


So I ran into Arseniy today and all these computer science people and have collected some interesting observations on this sort of technologically inclined sort of person. They’re quite interesting ^^ More so than the guido <_<

So what have I been up to really? I last posted about skyr and Thanksgiving… yesterday I had a midterm and I owned it! Also I got back my Russian quiz: 85%! Maybe I am doing ok? And today I got my Finnish journal back, 5/5 and a Finnish quiz, 100% ;D I am awesome. My GPA is going to stay as it is. Or get higher, though to be honest it can’t go much above what it is 😉 Tee hee hee.

About the above drawing.. I threw it together in photoshop with my tablet (Wacom Graphire tiny x tiny haha)… I really like colouring in the watercolour style and I remember comics like this which I used to make when I had more time (way back in first/second year!):

A page from "Disabling", drawn at the beginning of 2009 (2nd semester, 2nd year)

The character could use more work and I think I’ve improved greatly my human/figure drawing since then… I just wish I had more time to draw. I love drawing; I always have. <– proper use of semicolon <_<

Though I want to do this painting series themed around the idea/concept of “icon” in the Orthodox sense. All that gold!

Our Lady of Vladimir (Tretyakov gallery), from Wikimedia Commons
Kyivan churchspiration (my own photo) St. Sophia’s.
Kyivan churchspiration via icon panels (my own photo)… I think in the lavra church.. one of them?
More churchspiration at the lavra (my own photo)

Lately I’m just really fond of gold (nailpolish reference coming up), in fact on my toes I have GOSH’s “Gold” colour. It’s such a bright and light and clear kind of gold, it’s amazing. No pictures because I am really fucking lazy and look how many I already posted!


In any case, I should get back to the arduous task of editing this friend’s thesis… ;-;

Peace, yo (photo: Vlad Shestakov)

Ta ta for now, chums and lovers 😉

Em out!

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