At the parents’

So I’m at my parents’ so again another brief post. I’ll post about the Nuit Blanche adventures later (I don’t have pics, but other people were taking them so.. it’s hard since I like to write with pictures!).

Summation of recent happenings:

Saturday! Bar night at Duggan’s Brewery. I forgot how much I love their Kölsch as well as their Bock! So good ._… the food kind of sucked in portion size though for the price. RRRGH. I don’t remember it being that terrible and then everyone ate like 3/4 of my onion rings 😦 which meant I had like, 4. Nikita had a delicious sandwich he’d brought with him. <_< I want one, it was perfect.

I was the first to arrive and the last to leave <_< everyone just evaporated

not drunk AT all, nobody

Good times!

Jools and Shawntal and I went clubbing last week? or was it the week before. Anyways, pic!

Epic photobomb is epic

She fooled us all! Apparently she was told it was supposed to be all ages but with 19+ areas but nooo it was all ages and you got a 19+ wristband. A 12 year old boy asked her to dance and I was like “no, she’s otherwise occupied” and looked at him like “yeah, she’s alllll miiine’ hahahah but only because I love her. Man, that kid was brave though.

There was also last Saturday two birthdays (Binder’s and James’) and we had much fun. Drinking. Wandering around. It was awesome

Anyways. Laundry time. I love the smell of clean laundryyyyy!

Girls doing laundry from Macmillan Company, 1913

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