Inspired by Dima’s creepy (or funny, apparently) facebook status , I’m going to write about melons.

The status in question:

Watermelon, being my favorite fruit type melon, gets the second spot on my top 5 melon list.

I suppose I’m curious about the rest of the list, but the element of mystery is what makes it intriguing?

So I’m going to talk about melons today. Melons are delicious. Using my best friend, Wikipedia, I will explore the varieties of melon (which I have consumed) and talk about how I feel about them.

First thing is first… watermelon! ❤

Watermelon! (wikimedia commons)

Personally, I would say this is my favourite. The taste is amazing, the texture superb and its sweetness is tempered by the water content. I love eating it with friends after playing footie ❤

I want to try the yellow variety:

Yellow watermelon! (wikimedia commons)

I saw a white watermelon too on another site. It looks amazing, the rind is very thin so there is way more fruit than you’d normally get.

White watermelon! (Seedsavers)

There is in fact, a blog dedicated to watermelon called “What about watermelon”. It looks delicious. Om om om.

Though to be honest, I can’t really have watermelon in winter. It’s a summer fruit. It needs a hot day. Firm, straight out the fridge and nice and cold makes it the best thing EVER.


Canary melons: meh

Canary melons (wikimedia commons)

The last time I had canary melons was some time ago, I found them too liquidy (sticky, ughh) and too sweet.. sickly sweet almost. Maybe the one I had was bad?

Honeydew melon! It’s my second favourite type of melon. I like the green sweet flesh that’s quite firm. It’s not firm in the same way as a watermelon.. the watermelon is quite yielding whereas the honeydew is just straight up firm, kind of like a pear (but not as grainy?)

Honeydew (wikimedia commons)

I had it recently in the most horrifying culinary travesty ever: Taiwanese shaved ice, which I got when I went to TeaShop 168 with Jools and her friend Olga. It was with honeydew (and strawberries). Behold:

The tears were endless (thanks Jools <3)

Imagine a pile of small ice chunks with cream, sugar and fruit. Now imagine paying 4.50 for it and eating it with two spoons. Tears, so many tears. The fruit was nice… it’s like a fruit salad on ice… though if the ice were unsweetened maybe it would be better? Also in my imagination when I ordered it, I thought it was going to be like a slush but with coarser ice. Which would have been AMAZING.

Lessons learned: At TeaShop 168, stick with watermelon bubble tea or watermelon juice (FRESH and soooo good!). Kate told me that the bubbles have like 15 calories each though so I am doomed. So doomed. I don’t wanna get fat :(((

The final type of melon issssss cantaloupe!

In a Japanese supermarket. Note the delicious looking giant apples. The cantaloupe costs like 35 bucks o_O (Wikimedia commons)

Apparently though, the cantaloupes we consume in Canada are actually muskmelons. True (European) cantaloupes don’t have that weird looking rind:

Euro-Cantaloupe ("true" version), (Findingsimplicity)

For comparison, here is the North American version:

North American cantaloupes (Wikimedia commons)

I swear to god though, if I have to write cantaloupe one more time I’m going to explode. It is really, truly an irritating word. I had cantaloupe often as a child. Similar to honeydew, but sweeter and less firm. I am not a huge fan but I’ll eat it if it’s there..

That pretty much ends my melon-related post. I’m going to talk about other stuff now.

Here is a youtube video that I find scary:

He is so.. stoic. But it’s not stoic because stoic isn’t absolutely terrifying.

So yeah.. things I have been up to as of late?

Shooting Valyok at the pirate picnic.. MULTIKILL

<_< Pirate picnic was amazing. I realise now that the best themed parties are themed picnics

Anthony’s TOGA PARTY

Shoes: can't remember, Toga: roommate's 300 or 400 count Egyptian cotton sheets, Belt: American Apparel, Crown: self-made, wire and spraypaint

It was awesome. Walking through the city in a toga is amazing. I think uncommon clothing is fun.

We had a goodbye party for Lasse who worked for Alex at the canoe/kayak centre. He was from Finland. Victor (on the left) was from Poland. It rained so hard on the condo roof where we were having the barbecue. I got so wet! Soaked completely through. After being on the condo roof we went all to the pub and then I left with Lasse and Victor to the club. It was still raining. I grabbed an umbrella off a table on the way out and I think it wasn’t actually abandoned :x.

We ended up at XS because the cover was ok. I had changed at home, of course. We had a great time being super, super lame. So lame we were cool! We all danced for ages and ages :)) And then we all danced together with me in the middle o_____O It was hilarious and good fun 🙂 I gave them the umbrella after they walked me home.

I jumped off the pier at Centre Island after canoeing there. It was like 6 metres high and I became terrified halfway down! I was like AHHHHHHHHHH SCREECH! and curled up. I landed on my butt. It hurt a lot. I surfaced and everyone (like 100 people!) looked at me and was expecting me to say something…

My butt hurts soooooooooooooooo much!

Hahah so typical. Swimming back to shore was fun in the cool, deep water with the strong waves. I liked that part the best. I didn’t like getting dashed on the rock breakwater but you know, that’s the sacrifice you have to make when you leap off of piers dramatically…?

Science Centre! It was the first time I’d been. I went for Harry Potter. It was everything I wanted and more. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I went with Annabelle and it was awesome. We went to IKEA afterwards and ate way too many meatballs! I love those meatballs, especially with the lingonberry. Also I like the ice from the drinks machines. It’s the perfect shape for chewing. I love chewing ice!

So yeah… I feel kind of lazy so tomorrow I’ll write about the Ex.
Today I sort of did nothing. I made a Victoria Sponge. It was delicious.

<_< Em out

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  1. the last picture is so cool!!!

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