Ich weiss nicht was ich will

Honestly… I don’t really know. I don’t think I’m really capable of being a loving human being in the traditional sense. I tried it. It failed. Multiple times. I don’t think I’m ‘meant for’ anyone or anything, apart from being a transition. It’s strange. But I suppose I’ve come to accept it.

I don’t feel any connection to anyone. I don’t really feel much of anything.

I’ve decided that the one question I need to answer in my life is “what do I want?”

But I don’t know. I’ve never known. I’ve tried over the years to create artificial wants or needs, I layer meanings on top of myself so I stop realising that I think that everything is pointless and don’t want to carry on.

So I tear myself open. Look inside. What do you see?

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2 Responses to Ich weiss nicht was ich will

  1. i see a beautiful person whos amazing! xoxoxox

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