So um yeah not much new really. Um um um um um.

Here’s the nail polish I bought at Holt Renfrew:

Chanel nail polish purchased at holt renfrew

It was 28.50 with tax, much cheaper than I expected. I went shopping with my mum on Sunday and I saw the eyeliners at the Bay (I think they’re around 35) and they lasted forever on my hand (almost impossible to wash off). But I don’t really want expensive eyeliner because you throw it out after x months anyways (EYE HYGIENE PEOPLE)

Also I got a cool groupon for GAP and ended up with a silk blend yellow sweater with a scoopish neck that is awesome. I will post pics  when I wear it. I also got a nice oatmealy longsleeve that fits perfeck! It was fun to go shopping with my mum for her trip. 🙂

In other news, I bought school supplies. Which is what I love. Hardcore.

School suppliiiies

It all cost about 30 bucks. Thank god for discounts at work because otherwise it’d be like, 50 or something ridic like that. I bought my favourite biros (Pilot BP-S, fine point, blue), my favourite highlighters (Zazzlebrights in pink, light orange and teal), the Staedler markers I had in high school but have dried out since 9th grade (they last forever), post it flag notes for my post-Stalinist lit class (I am the most pretentious person ever), these amazing recycled folders that feel really nice (4, and 1 multicoloured recycled folder for my tourism class because there will be less paper for it), 2 big one subject notebooks with the best recycled paper I’ve ever seen (for Russian and Finnish) and one smaller three subject for the other classes (I usually never go over, unless a class is notes-heavy). I’m going to decorate the notebooks with the aforementioned Italian paper (DIY post soon? lol yeah right)

I saw this online about the 182 square foot apartment that this aerospace design guy has. It looks amazing and cozy and I want to live there, especially since I also love IKEA furniture haha

The little flat, from Seattle Times

My favourite part is the bath that is under the floor. I love baths. You can read more about it here and look at more pics.

I saw Pulp Fiction for the first time ever this weekend. It was amazing. I love how Tarantino often has that 70ies-aesthetic in his films (like Natural Born Killers, though a bit more 60iesish. I didn’t really enjoy that film though.)

I really like this scene. I feel like I would totally act the same “SAY WHAT AGAIN!? SAY WHAT AGAIN!?” hahaha

I’m not sure if I’d want to see it twice, though. I want to see Inglorious Basterds again. I liked that I could understand all three languages on screen ^^

Not much else to say really. Until tomorrow (hopefully!)

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One Response to Psycho-socio-geoconomics

  1. i wanna get school supplies tooooo 😦 they looks so cute!!!! and when u get them new, they smell awesomeeeee *droooolllll*

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