Death and microfilm are my sterious

Today’s post is dedicated to attractive Swedish men. Well maybe not, I don’t know but Alexander Skarsgård is totally appropriate in any situation:  



Apparently he’s on some television show or something but whatever, I don’t watch television. <_< 

That sounded really hipster. Oh well. 

Currently, I am lusting after some lipstain. I don’t know which one, but the idea of a marker-thing that I just smear on my tiny rosebud lips sounds appealing. Because it’s easy. And you can’t fuck it up too badly, right? 

Covergirl lipstains, Makeupbag


I haven’t really bought anything ever from covergirl… thinking about it. But they have cool lipstains, and they’re on sale right now at Shopper’s…. I want the scarlet one but I want to try it first but I’m afraid of BACTERIA. 

Stationery urges are growing day by day… I want nice notebooks! I have that Italian paper to glue to the covers so they will be super cute. SUPER CUTE DAMN IT. 

I also feel guilty that I haven’t even started anything on Tor-looks yet. I really want to do something with it but I’m scared to approach people in the street! I have to be more confident

Also awesome picnic photo: 


Yeah, it’s storming rain and we’re in the lake! ❤ AAAAA it was so awesome!!!!!!! 

I found this amazingly crap “Indian James Bond” comic on io9


Though to be honest I prefer microfiches because.. well… it sounds better when you shout to your cabby: TAKE ME TO THE AMERICAN EMBASSY, I MUST GET THESE MICROFICHES THERE AT ALL COSTS!

 Until later,


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One Response to Death and microfilm are my sterious

  1. i cant believe you found a gif of a dude taking a shower 😐 only u em ❤

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