Lilacs and lavenders

To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about them as colours. I like them, but I don’t think I like to wear them. Despite this, I bought a lilac-coloured nailpolish “Wild Lilac” (571) by GOSH. It looks sort of more lavendery though:

GOSH 571: Wild Lilac, from Marijke's blog

 I hope it turns out well. Maybe I’ll even take my own damned photos in future. I wanted this kind of colour because, well, I felt lavendery! I love the smell of lavender. Lilac I think is also a lighter colour, though it’s more reddish than lavender (lavender tends to be more bluish). To be honest, the photo I chose seems more bluish than the polish I bought.

Anyyyways. First pic from the pirate picnic 😀

 I look like a scary captain, right? Later I got a watergun and was shooting people ^^

Currently, I am fascinated by this collection of photos of what people are carrying. Maybe I’ll do that every day.

I think it’s interesting. In a hundred years, it will be valuable historical information but now it’s just sort of… miscellaneous errata.

I am super excited to go back to school in September. I love reading! I love learning! I am not looking forward to my thesis because it is big and scary but I am super excited for my Finnish class ❤ The professor seems really nice and she emailed me back right away (despite being on holidays in Finland) about the book and seemed really enthusiastic.

I’m excited too for pretty new stationery! I bought some floral Italian paper that is really nice and i’m going to decorate the covers of my notebooks with it ❤ It will be awesome and super pretty.

Now I will talk about lilacs and lavenders. Just because this post doesn’t have enough.

Sophie Anderson: The Time of the Lilacs (wikimedia)

 I just love this kind of Pre-Raphaelite painting. It’s so rosy and cosy and blushy. Aaah! I want to be that young girl in the fields with a load of lilacs in my arms!

Lilac-breasted roller, native to Sub-Saharan Africa (wikimeida)

 I think somehow I’ve experienced a revival in my childhood bird-obsession. I was reading journals that I had kept (mostly because I had to for school) and I had a strange obsession with birds and watching birds and being birds. I really enjoy bird watching, even now, but I’m unfamiliar with the species. When I was looking for lilac pictures, I stumbled upon this bird, the lilac-breasted roller. It is adorable and so colourful! I want to see one in real life, even if I do have to go to Sub-Saharan Africa to do it. It’s the national bird of Botswana and Kenya.

Lavender farm in Hokkaido, Japan (wikimedia)

 It’s so pretty! I love lavender fields. I never knew that it could grow in Japan, though…

Lavender Rose, flickr

Did you know that lavender-coloured roses signify love at first sight? *melt*

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