Rise from the ashes: redux

Yeah. Back again. It took some time for me to feel up to writing, and then I’ve been busy doing sexy exciting things.

Like taking bad photos and then editing them

 Yesterday we had our “pirate” picnic and it was great success. We had pirate games and hid a treasure chest and I drew a super cool map (which I will post later since it’s in Toronto and I have to scan it).

Despite the lack of an article, this guy didn't show up. (babble.com)

 Then it rained. Most picnics would be ruined by rain, but since it was a lakeside picnic we went RAIN SWIMMING. Well, some of us did. Others cowered under a massive umbrella (like 20 people!).

Verdict: Rain swimming is fucking awesome. So awesome I actually used ‘fucking’ as a qualifier. That’s right, people.

Hopefully I will get to see some pictures soon, I know someone was taking them… well several people. Valya took some but this other girl who I couldn’t recognise from a distance without glasses took others. I hope they are posted/tagged soon! I love pictures where I look begdraggled.

In other news, bedraggled is an awesome word.

Hum, so I have been having loads of crazy times. I went partying on the island and had a toga party (pics later!) at Anthony’s… also my friend Cat and I noticed a hilarious phenomenon that whenever I am leaving a party, she’s arriving. I think we’re like magnets. When we go somewhere together, we’re stuck together, but whenever we try to come separately, we always end up missing each other.

This week… plans? Wednesday I am going to see my geochums who I have missed for far too long. Thursday, don’t know but I think I might go to Holt Renfew to make an inaugral purchase of Chanel’s Particulière, hopefully in stock but probably not. I will find it o_O

Chanel's Particulière, the shade that I desire

 I find I have a strange new obssession with taupe and grey. And grey-ish taupe. It’s an awesome colour. Oddly, my parents just had the shutters and door of the house painted in basically the Particulière colour! It’s so bizarre.

Maybe it’s a sign I’m getting more mature with my wardrobe/colour choices? Or maybe more boring haha. I like taupe/grey + yellow, it’s an amazing colour combination…

It’s going to be a grey winter ^^

Friday… umm.. not really anything going on, I think I want to go see a movie or something. It will be exciting. Scott Pilgrim I want to see with my friend Annabelle, but she’s not in Toronto really… I might go see The Expendables because of my massive crush on Dolph Lundgren (the MIT physicist of action stars), and because I wanted to be Rocky as a child (my dreammmms are deaaaaaaaaad)

Saturday, also unplanned… this is kind of weird haha, I’m looking at my planner and I have nothing written but work for those days! ._. Plans must be made!

Sunday we’re having a crazy event called А вам слабо which is like.. humm. I’ll get back to you ^^ it’s sort of “to your weakness”? Maybe? I should know <_< It’s a series of challenges that have to be documented and they are super crazy.

Anyways, I ran out of things to write about ,-,

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3 Responses to Rise from the ashes: redux

  1. its gonna be totally grey falll 😉

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