I’ve been working hard, what can I say. I’m noticing that most of my clothes are kind of baggy now and I want to show off my amazing arse (vanity is the road to self confidence, I swear) so I have bought some exciting new clothes. ;D Await dorktastic fashion posts in the future.

To lose weight is not hard, it just requires some sort of commitment. I also wanted to be fit. I run almost every single day, and it’s rare that I don’t. Most days I also go to the gym and do weights. When I’m in Toronto full time I also do yoga and boxing and most weeks I also play footie. You have to be active! And you have to eat right! Veg and fruit are the most important groups. you don’t need meat every day. And if you have meat, don’t eat a huge portion! Another thing I’ve noticed is that drinks have a lot of caloric value but they don’t make you full… like a frappuccino or something has as many as a full meal! ;_; I’d rather have a  full meal kthx <_<

Also new want: long, knee high suede boots. It will be done ._.

Plaza slouch boot, forever 21

I am, in fact, debating over these very boots. But theyr’e 40 bucks. And not even real suede. It’s “suedette”.  Cry! Maybe I’ll go shopping with Jools this week ❤ I shall ring her . Or msn her hahaha.

We had an amazing conversation the other day:

Susi says: (10:50:17 PM)
i think i’ve lost track of time
Susi says: (10:50:19 PM)
i have a theory
Susi says: (10:50:36 PM)
that we only see time as linear because it’s our species-al construct
Susi says: (10:50:40 PM)
we would go insane otherwise
★☆Joolz says: (10:50:50 PM)
wut do u think time is like? a parabola?
★☆Joolz says: (10:50:51 PM)
Susi says: (10:51:01 PM)
no, i think everything is happening “at once”
★☆Joolz says: (10:51:09 PM)
not bad
Susi says: (10:51:16 PM)
so it’s simultaneously all time and no time? 😉
★☆Joolz says: (10:51:20 PM)
i think its interesting, but how do u explain that we have order
Susi says: (10:51:28 PM)
but my puny mind cannot comprehend it in that manner
Susi says: (10:51:33 PM)
i can theorise about it. but i can’t see it that way
Susi says: (10:51:35 PM)
but you often have these feelings. like you’ve ‘done something before’
Susi says: (10:51:47 PM)
or been somewhere even if you were never there
★☆Joolz says: (10:51:49 PM)
or predict smth that will happen
★☆Joolz says: (10:51:57 PM)
i dont blv in de ja vu lol
★☆Joolz says: (10:52:01 PM)
i think its a quirk of ur mind
Susi says: (10:52:06 PM)
it’s impossible because our referential framework does not allow for us to predict the future
★☆Joolz says: (10:52:10 PM)
just like in dreams it seems familiar or u have memories that, when u wake up, were made up
★☆Joolz says: (10:52:20 PM)
theres a “familiarity” feature in our mind, i think
★☆Joolz says: (10:52:23 PM)
when it springs up randomly, it gives u de ja vu
★☆Joolz says: (10:52:30 PM)
but u havent done it before
Susi says: (10:52:30 PM)
dreams could just be our experiences outside of the linear time-construct
Susi says: (10:52:32 PM)
★☆Joolz says: (10:52:35 PM)
nuh uh lol
★☆Joolz says: (10:53:03 PM)
but i think u have a point w/ the all time/no time at once thing
★☆Joolz says: (10:53:08 PM)
but its too hard to comprehend haha
★☆Joolz says: (10:53:22 PM)
theres quazi physics theories that say that too
★☆Joolz says: (10:53:23 PM)
Susi says: (10:53:33 PM)
but it’s just fun to talk about (L)
★☆Joolz says: (10:53:45 PM)
electron entanglement! biggest proof
★☆Joolz says: (10:53:50 PM)
everything is happening at once/connected
Susi says: (10:53:52 PM)
i don’t know your fancy science!
Susi says: (10:54:00 PM)
all i know is that i want to make out with cute boys
★☆Joolz says: (10:54:06 PM)
Susi says: (10:54:09 PM)
and my theory will allow for me to make out with every cute boy i have eve rmade out with
Susi says: (10:54:11 PM)
★☆Joolz says: (10:54:14 PM)
Susi says: (10:54:19 PM)
Susi says: (10:54:25 PM)

She called it my “one track mind” haha.

Anyways there’s really not much else I can write about. I leave you with this video:

Lyosha sent it to me. It’s so silly ;D

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2 Responses to Shriiinking

  1. dudeeeeeeee this is why being a vegetarian is awesomeee. veges is ALL i eat! but my family still calls me the fat cow .-. if ur in t.o full time, i shall try to coordinate with the u, so we can excerise! it wud be nice to fit into the majority of my jeans 🙂
    i second u boot love, im also in love with some boots, as soon as i get them, i shall show them to u and then we shall prance about uoft come September 🙂

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