Rising from the ash

from the Aberdeen Bestiary

I’ve been lazy. I admit. Things have been crazy in my life. I love it! It’s worth it but I keep neglecting to update my blog! I know some people read it <_<

Things that have happened as of late:

I have accepted and now understand my emotions (Self-actualisation soon?).

I made a wicked cake for Kirill (no pics, sorry). I used a recipe from smitten kitchen. It was amazing, though I was skeptical of a cake that included buttermilk. The icing was especially good, though I ended up making a bundt cake and some cupcakes. So I have a surplus of chocolate icing which is laying in my freezer.

Um.. I guess actually I should do this chronologically.

I last left you a few days before Canada Day. So I’ll start there because I am otherwise an insanely boring human being.

I went to the island with Kate:

We are very attractive.

I loved it! We went in a canoe and it was the first ever time I’d been canoeing! Kate told me that I’m natural at it because I keep a good rhythm. ❤

Sexy canoe pose ;D


Afterwards we went to the nuuuude beach (Hanlan’s point) which was très fun buut there was some harassment. I was only topless because of reasons which will not be elaborated here. The water was FREEZING. But I definitely want to go to the Islands again, maybe next Sunday… or Monday civic holiday though it will be PACKED. I know who I want to go with anyway <_< Moving on!


Kate wanted to do a gesture drawing so I did a silly pose with my legs in the air and some guy approached us and looked all grossed out and said some shit and Kate told him to fuck off and then he said “THAT’S RUDE, YO” (Which is our new catchphrase) and I told him to fuck off.


I don’t understand what possesses men to harass women at the nude beach. It’s not cool. We know you’re a gross, disgusting, worthless pedant. I say pedant here because it’s exactly what they are. Why are womens’ bodies so sexualised? I just don’t understand… It’s not a sexual context, damn it! It’s a BEACH.

Also one random thing that stems from that rant: womens’ or women’s? Women is a plural and plural possessives always are s apostrophe, however I think with plural words without s the singular rule might apply: apostrophe s. Say in the comments or something your opinion!

After I went to Gay Pride with my girrrrrl Julia ❤ Jools is the best. I love her. ❤ I hope she’s reading this.

Of course it was necessary to change into just bras or a corset in Jools’ case (see! S apostrophe because it ends in s!) We found Lady Gaga though so it was pretty effing cool. But god! How pale I am! We are like pale city up in here haha.

We had some good times taking pics with random crazy people and shirtless men. In fact that’s what we do every pride hahaha though we usually mess up teh pics somehow and this is the first year we’ve ever posted something.

The last pic is funny because we met her (totes straight) friend being a random sign guy (he was also in the parade):

And we’re actually half decent now and not half naked! YES.

It made me think about Pride and in general how they still, despite being “alternative” and an “accepting” culture, gays in general still have the same human obsession over looks — I doubt they care if he’s straight, they just want something to look at… maybe it’s more pronounced on Pride.

Jump forward to the world cup final! <_<


Yes, I supported Holland. Or the Netherlands if you’re going to be a pedant about it (THREE TIMES IN ONE POST ;D) Sadly, they lost, as you know. But it was awesome. I was at Football Factory with Danil and Edgar. It was so exciting, even when it rained.

I also had this:

1.5L of grolsch! SO GOOD. It’s the best way to buy it. Cheaper than getting the equivalent in bottles anyways…

ALSO KUYT. He is super dreamy.

(Thanks Jezebel)

Also you see those cleats he’s wearing? I have them. In blue and red. 😡 They’re the Adidas predator series.. I got the SGs (in leather of course!) because they’re for grass and good for general use in my opinion. I love them. I’ve only used them for baseball so far :S Since someone hasn’t arranged footie with the chums but I think on thursday I’ll head to the field anyways and just join a random game. I want to play bad.

I can’t really think what I did between that and the next thing on my facebook album haha. Um I went to the beach for volleyball last week I think and I got super sunburnt. I am so bad at remembering shit! It’s ridic.

I went to Sarah’s show at Garrison (named after my favourite absent creek, Garrison creek).


No alcohol involved. This was before I went in and Sarah doesn’t drink. Sarah is awesome ❤ She’s the best and now she’s gonna be at U of T so we can hang out way more ^^

The show was amazing! It was so cool and they all played well. Oh yeah her band is called Delinquints. I met a skinhead named Cooper who had a blackberry and was super nice. He helped protect me in the pit though some guy randomly and totally grabbed my boob and I elbowed him in the face ._. Mosh pits are kind of scary but I wanted to be in the front so I elbowed and pushed a lot so I could stay there. I was also wearing high wedges! ._. I have good balance.

After the show I got a cool t-shirt ;D It was hot in two layers but whateverrrr.

Yeah… so um.. not much else. I’ve been running. I went and saw Inception with Lyosha and then a week later with Ilya and I’m still a little confused. But I enjoyed it mostly. But Leonardo DiCaprio always makes this sort of little face I call “Confused/cross bulldog”.  As soon as I see a pic, I’ll post it. It’s whenever he becomes emotional. The same phenomenon happened in “The Departed” as well. I absolutely loved the Eames-Arthur relationship. One could if one wanted read homoeroticism into it o.o but I won’t and I’ll elaborate more on the character of Eames. The entire film could not have happened without him. He was the one who grasped the idea of Inception and drove the team’s plan. Partly yes, the plan was Cobb’s, but Eames is the one who enacted most of the meat of the plan and indeed planned the inception (putting an idea into someone’s head but the person thinks it’s their own idea), from its phrasing to the structuring of it around Fischer’s father.

Anyways. Saturday was Valya’s birthday so we went and played pool and it was très fun. Pics later.

em out! RWOD tomorrow okay? It’s taken me two hours to do this post and I’m gonna pass out.

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  1. ur backkkkkkkk i was waiting… patently LOL guess u’ve been having quite the summer so far 🙂

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