Success will come

Today I woke up after the England-Germany match was over and I’m glad I did. 90 minutes of torture! Though I think if that that second goal was allowed (AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN) England would have played differently. People say well it would have been 4-2 rather than 4-1 but going into the second half with a tie, England would have not given up as much as it did…

Today I also went out with mum to the mall (SEPHORA WOOO) and bought a nailpolish and finally, finally used my million sephora points and got a brow pencil. 1980s here I come. I have pretty nice eyebrows, at least I think so. And the shade of the free pencil is very blondeish so hopefully it’ll look good. It was better than the tiny things that they otherwise offered. Maybe I’ll post makeup tutorials (ha! probably just pics and then instructions, nothing elaborate) in future since I’m a secret make up addict.

I’m going to do some baking on Tuesday or Wednesday ❤ I’m going to make sweet and cute cupcakes with nice icing, so I’ll possibly (if I remember) post a little instructional guide.

I swear to god I’ll do RWOD tomorrow (x like 4). I am so lazy. Forgive me.

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