I am the situationist

So today I’m working and briefly popping back to the city prior to the G20 clusterfuck. There’s supposed to be a cool festival at Yonge-Dundas on Sunday but I’m like ehhh do I really want to go back? We’ll see.

I’ve been reading a lot lately on situationists and Guy Debord and it’s really interesting. I especially like the idea of détournement which is a use of prexisiting elements, into a sort of artistic milieu. I like détournement becuase it is a use of means rather than being a painting or film.

It’s as Home said “There is a spectre haunting Europe, the spectre of psycho-geography”. This is a perfect example of détournement. The original prhasing is from Marx and Engels’ Communist Manifesto: “There is a spectre haunting Europe, the spectre of communism”.


Marx and Engels, from Jose Tellez' flickr.

On to the idea of communism (since I am musing here)… The word has so many associations but I’d like to think about when the word was coming into usage. Communism seems to me a shortened form of “communalism”. However, I know somehow, deep inside, that the words are different. A similar pair is “racism” and “racialism”, though arguably here they mean the same thing. The extra “-al” in communalism makes a sort of softening of the word. Anyways moving on.

I really think you should watch this video. It’s been said before but it’s been put into a very interesting format:

What I find strange is (though this video is short and I haven’t watched others from the series) is that she doesn’t talk about beer ads and concentrates on the bourgeois world of whiskey and bourbon. I’ve seen one from Budweiser where a woman outsmarts a man to obtain a Budweiser by trading him her fruity drink (the precedent in the ad is set from the trading of strips after a football match). This seems an improvement, though other beer commercials I’ve seen are of the typical “hey look at us bros we have beer and we’re smiling and there’s eye candy with no brain serving us or partying with us and you could maybe win a chance to do the same but it’s totally not because this is an ad exec’s fantasyland”. It’s stupid… reminds me also of a Heineken ad which plays off of the male-female stereotypes:

I feel thoroughly entertained by the ad but I’m not certain my opinion on it. Everyone knows of this stereotype but I feel that this ad doesn’t really deconstruct it. The men are more hysterical than the women but I feel that it’s more taking the piss than anything else </serious academic language>

Anyways onto less serious business

I have decided that I need a scanner. I cannot live without one! There are so many things I’ve wanted to post but cannot because I can’t scan it 😦 Also I prefer to draw on paper so if I want to have drawings up I can scan them (then do the outline in PS). Also I want CS5 badly and will get it. I have an art project idea and I need indesign (I only have PS CS2).

Also I’ve been reading far too many magazines for my own good (my dad has subscriptions to The Economist, Harper’s, Walrus, Discover and Popular Science and I regularly buy Vogue and Elle Canada). There are things I want to scan and show you ;-;

Speaking of Elle Canada, has anyone noticed that in the editorials (especially for swimwear) the general colour tint of the photos is green? Green filters are cool for ones at night (like June’s issue) but for day?? Kind of weird.

One day I will scan and show all of my magazine clippings because it’s all about my fashion loves ;D.

Also I forgot to mention!

There was an earthquake yesterday!

It was kind of freaky. I was sitting in my office and the room and floor started to shake. I thought there was some construction but no! The whole building rattled ;-;

Speaking of earthquakes (not really), and somewhat related to RWOD is that the president of Russia, Dmitriy Medvedev (whose first name I have no idea how to spell because of its endless variations and I am far too lazy to check) is on twitter… in English and Russian! It’s really cool because the tweets on both are the same, so it’s easy to check if you don’t know the words in the Russian tweets.

Anyways that’s all for now and RWOD will be later! And there will be two because I skipped yesterday <_<

At Gulfoss in Iceland, circa 1914.


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