So I came into Toronto today because I needed to get some stuff from my flat here and also because my parents’ house is boring.

As I got off the train at Union I knew there was something different (i.e. guards with batons) and then as I came into the station, there were groups of 5 or 6 policemen with guns lurking every 50 metres or so… no wonder they had to bring police in from the entire country (good time to go on a crime spree in Burlington, at least half of the out of towners were from Halton Region ;D). I almost ran into some I didn’t see coming out of the via concourse and they were somewhat amused but totally not caring about my nonplussedness.

I walked through the fence to the Royal York and saw lots of delegates, including a group from Japan (Thanks guys, you really made my weekend). I felt strange having so many police staring at me. I walked my usual walk along Wellington St and spoke with an officer.

I asked him if the access was going to be closed soon and he said he wasn’t certain when it was but probably before the weekend. I expressed my displeasure and he said I can blame the protestors. I said well a more effective protest would be staying home because your lack of presence would be felt… He said he hated that the government had to waste so much money on security… I agree. Why can we not have peaceful summits anymore?

Protestors of the world! Violence is stupid and not the answer — no one listens to a voice through a closed fist! I don’t agree with everything the g20 and g8 say but please, this security crap is your fault. Also I’m losing 250 bucks in pay which I will not get back. I’m glad I have a second job but many others don’t.

Em out > : (

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One Response to G20

  1. chris says:

    I agree, leave the violence to the police and their provocateurs! We can watch them beat the shit out of themselves and have a great time.

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