Clever title

I couldn’t think of a clever title today. But it’s okay. I suppose this post is also a bit late but I’ve been working damn it. 


From Daily Mail

<_< But for reals it was terrible goal keeping on his part. Almost as bad as Serbia’s keeping against Australia. I mean it’s Australia, hardly a great footballing nation… though I suppose it’s a bit like England but more inbred (is that even possible??).  

Anyways, footballing aside. I didn’t do much today. Yesterday I hung out with Megan and bought four games (I was going to buy Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, but for less than the cost of that I bought: Kane and Lynch, Condemned 2: Bloodshot, The Saboteur and Rhapsody (all on PS3 but the last is DS). Brief verdicts: Kane and Lynch: Interesting co-op but irritating screen split (horizontal for life). Really hard when you’re not used to third person shooters. Condemned 2: Haven’t played it yet. Rhapsody: So far so good, basically like a classic SNES RPG.. I think it’s a rerelease. 

The Saboteur: I bought this based off the cover and the French resistance theme. I started it up. 10 minute install. Fine. > : (. I began to play a new game. The first thing I see are stupid fake unmoving plastic tits. I mean come on! This is the 30ies and 40ies! Besides that you alienate the entire female audience by doing it. It’s a game about the French resistance. It’s not about tits. There’s even a code in the box that allows you to make them go topless… the principle of it is fine, I really don’t care, but at the same time I felt it a little awkward that there was this huge focus on boobs and strippers in a game about fighting the Nazis. I just felt awkward and weird. If they were more natural and actually moved I wouldn’t have such a problem. Sure there could be that kind of club in late 30ies/40ies occupied Paris… but they didn’t have a shit-tonne of plastic surgeons. The game play is basically like GTAIV but I only played ten minutes or so. The combat is pretty good apart from the instructions being unclear… I didn’t know I had to hold the button so I got curbstomped hardcore by a nazi… 


Wouldn't you buy the game based off of the cool art? (From Spoony Bard)

I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed 2 and I adore it. It’s far better than the first and in fact if you don’t care at all about storyline, just play the 2nd. There isn’t much exposition in the first one anyways because you spend so much bloody time running around pickpocketing and beating people up for information… I like the outfits in the game that you can dye 😡 My favourite is Tuscan Emerald.


I love this combo! My favourite! I'd wear it 😡 Cosplay anyone? Though I have to perfect my ridiculous bad Italian accent... (Via Assassin's Creed Wiki)







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