I’m back again

Hello dear blog-friends

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting, just I was depressed and didn’t want to really do anything, let alone write about my life and what’s happening or anything interesting. But I feel better now! So I’m gonna write lots ❤

I haven’t really been up to much but working, to be totally honest. I went out last weekend and had fun.

There’s been some crap happening and the week is sort of cursed in my opinion 😦 Fizban had to be put down and I’m really sad about it. I lost my mobile at my parents’. I have a new one but it isn’t the same somehow!

Anyways I wanted to recommend BBC Radio 3’s website for their great iplayer.


I wrote all of this last week but became too depressive because of some argument I had with a friend to continue. But I felt like I should post it anyways.

So anyways. The weekend was great!

I had a lot of adventures. We had the picnic on Sunday and it went well though I had to leave early as it was father’s day. I should have brought my swimsuit. I think I will go to the beach this week before g20 and then ensconce myself at my parents’ house.

This bird is adorable. From ezzal.com

So yeah I guess I should do Russian Word of the Day and maybe tomorrow I’ll do a photoshowcase from Iceland.


Russian word of the day: Никто

Transliterated: Nikto

It means “no one”.

The sadness in his eyes amuses me

Em out!


Sentence: Никто знает где она шла.

Transliterated: Nikto znayet gdye ana shla.

It means “No one knows where she went”


 And just because:

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